Electric Bikes are an easy and ecological way to discover Puglia.

With e-bikes children and adults can cycle without strain thanks to an intelligent electric engine which supports pedaling and allows you to enjoy every detail of panorama without shortness of breath.

E-bikes can reach a maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour and then they will begin to work as normal bikes.

The e-bikes are available in two versions: big and small.

E-bikes special features

  • Soft and easy to manipulate
  • 60km of battery autonomy
  • 3 ranges of speed: 10/20/25 km/h
  • Shimano gear with 7-speed transmissions
  • High quality and safety brakes

Prices are per bike and include:

  • e-bike rent
  • helmet
  • reparation kit
  • map (paper or digital) with all itineraries marked
  • delivery and collection when you are staying in Alberobello, Noci, Monopoli, Castellana, Martina Franca, Torre Canne, Ostuni or Crispiano (extra fee applies for other locations)

You can rent an e-bike for half day or full day and enjoy one of the following itineraries.

1) Among forests and country houses by e-bike

Stages: Alberobello / Noci / Putignano

Cycle in the hearth of Puglia through the famous stone buildings, called trulli, and the hills of the Itria Valley.

Distances of this tour are:

Alberobello - Noci 10 km
Noci - Putignano 5 km
Putignano - Alberobello 11 km

The trulli of Alberobello are one of the three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Puglia.
Trulli are dry stones dwellings with a conical roof, built in such a way that people could destroy their houses before a tax inspection. Nowadays they are used as private homes, shops, restaurants and guesthouses.
You will also see the "red house", which was first a rural insitute and then a death camp for the Jewish from 1940 to 1943. Next stop is a country house dating back to 1500 and featuring a chapel and a bell tower.
In Noci you will go through its medieval old town, characterised by "gnostre", small dead-end streets where people were working outdoor and the sound of bells set their working time.
On the way to Putignano you will see the rural church of St. Michael, that since the 10th century was officiated by different religious orders: Clunicenses, Benedectines, Carmelitanes and Dominicans.
Putignano is the city of Carnival in Puglia and its tradition started in 1394 when farmers celebrated the relics of St Stephen. Carnival celebrations in Putignano start on December 26th to end on Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday).
Your tour will end with the visit of the Barsento Church, located on a hill a few km from Noci.
The word Barsento is a sum of two messapian words: “entum” and “Barza” meaning respectively people of the upper areas.

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2) Via Traiana, the Roman road to Brindisi by e-bike

Stages: Monopoli / Fasano / Savelletri

You will discover the archaeological park of Egnazia and cycle along the Adriatic coast, between the blue of the sea and the green of olive trees.

Distances of this tour are:

Monopoli - Savelletri 12 km
Monopoli - Torre Canne 17 km

You will visit Monopoli (from the greek: monos - polis, that is unique city), a lovely coastal city with a charming Medieval old town and a castle overlooking the sea.
Just outside Monopoli, on the way to Savelletri, you will see the seaside resort Capitolo with a long sandy beach.
You will then stop at the archaeological site of Egnazia, one of the most important historical area of Puglia. This area played an important economic role in the ancient times and today it is still possible to see the route of the ancient Traian Way connecting Rome to Brindisi.
Your tour will end in Savelletri, a few kilometres far from Fasano. This seaside village is known for seafood restaurants and especially sea urchins.

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3) Following the footsteps of brigands by e-bike

Stages: Martina Franca / Parco delle Pianelle / Crispiano

This tour is perfect for nature lovers as it takes you from Martina Franca to Crispiano across a nature reserve with caves that were used as a refuge for bandits in the 19th century.

Distances of this tour are:

Martina - Bosco delle Pianelle 13 km
Bosco delle Pianelle - Crispiano 5 km
Crispiano - Martina 18 km

Martina Franca, in the hearth of the Itria Valley, is a charming Baroque town surrounded by a picturesque countryside that is populated by trulli and dry stone walls. The old town features beautiful noble palaces, the Ducal Palace with impressive frescos and elegant gateways.
The Pianelle Forest is nature reserve stretching through the Martina Franca, Crispiano and Massafra districts. It ranges from 343 m to 486 m above sea level and it is characterized by 15km of paths for walking or cycling tours. There are numerous rare animal and plant species like the peony and orchids from the Alps. The predominant woody element is the “fragno” (Quercus troiana), a type of oak.
The area between San Marzano and Crispiano is the scenery of a curious legend. Here, two bandits - Pasquale Domenico Romano, known as the “Roman Sergeant” and Carmine Mazzero known as "Pizzichicchio" - were involved in a fight against the Piedmondese army, during the Italian Unification. This period was the scenario and the birth of brigantage, mainly caused by the need of sharing the state properties, the desire to reduce the power of landlords and the crucial misery conditions of the population. An incredible huge number of massacres, insurrections and attacks was registered in the province of Bari, Taranto and Brindisi in the three years from 1861 to 1864. Pizzichicchio, after the death of the Roman Sergeant (1863), decided to settle down with his crew in Crispiano. Today, it is possible to visit the cave where the Roman Sergeant took refuge from the numerous bandits forays.
Crispiano, near Taranto, is known as the "city of the 100 countryhouses” and it is surrounded by rural churches, caves and farms.
The cave village of Triglie features two little churches dedicated to Saint Micheal and Saint Julian, an old roman aqueduct, several cave dwellings and the necropolis. This village has a millennial history because the first settlement dates back to the Bronze Age and it was still inhabited in 1651.

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4) From the sea to underground caves by e-bike

Stages: Monopoli / Castellana / Polignano a Mare

You will experience the variety of colours in Puglia, from the blue of the sea to the stalagmites of Castellana Caves.

Distances of this tour are:

Monopoli - Castellana 13 km
Castellana - Polignano 14 km
Polignano - Monopoli 6 km
Monopoli - Conversano 15 km
Monopoli - Alberobello 15 km
Castellana - Fasano 21 km

You will visit Monopoli (from the greek: monos - polis, that is unique city), a lovely coastal city with a charming Medieval old town and a castle overlooking the sea.
In Castellana you may see the majestic cathedral and the Virgin of the Vetrana Sanctuary, but the city is worldwide knows for its underground caves. They were discovered in 1938 by the italian spaeleologist Franco Anelli and they represent one of the most complex and fascinating caving aggregate in Europe. The tour winds along a distance of 3 km in an amazing scenario made of chasms, tunnels and cavities to end at the so called White Cave.
Finally, you will explore Polignano a Mare, located on the top of a cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The old town is made of alleys and balconies with charming and breathtaking views.

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5) The Itria Valley by e-bike

Stages: Martina Franca / Locorotondo / Cisternino

The key element of this land is the stone and the cities of Martina Franca, Locorotondo and Cisternino are characterised by dry-stone walls, pinnacles and burlesque masks on noble portals.

Distances of this tour are:

Martina - Locorotondo 5 km
Locorotondo - Cisternino 7 km
Cisternino - Martina 10 km
Martina - Alberobello 11 km

Martina Franca, in the hearth of the Itria Valley, is a charming Baroque town surrounded by a picturesque countryside that is populated by trulli and dry stone walls. The old town features beautiful noble palaces, the Ducal Palace with impressive frescos and elegant gateways.
The city of Locorotondo (from the latin locus rotundus: round place) is located on the top of a hill and has houses all painted in white. It is listed among the most beautiful villages of Italy and it is characterised by “cummerse” (stone houses with sloping roofs) and views over the Itria Valley.
On the way to Cisternino, Pomona Botanic Gardens feature more that 700 variety of fruit trees.
Cisternino is another charming white city that, according to the legend, was founded by Sturnoi, Diomede’s friend, when he came back from the Trojan War. It is full of pubs, outdoors restaurants, and butcher’s shops that prepare meat as you please.

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6) The Messapian land by e-bike

Stages: Ostuni / Ceglie Messapica / San Vito dei Normanni / Coastal Dunes Park

The area between the Itria Valley and Alto Salento was inhabited by the Messapi population centuries before Christ and has kept a variety of traditions, costumes and languages since.

Distances of this tour are:

Ostuni - Ceglie M. 12 km
Ceglie M. - San Vito dei N. 18 km
San Vito dei N. - Ostuni 15 km
Ostuni - Parco delle Dune Costiere 11 km

Ostuni, known as the “white city” (200 metres above sea level), is located on a hill just a few km from the sea. It is a lively town full of shops and restaurants with a medieval cathedral and defensive walls.
The regional Coastal Dunes Park, from Torre Canne to Torre St Leonardo, covers a surface of one thousand hectares where some birds breed and rare migratory species stop. The park is home of specific flora and fauna. The park also includes sandy beaches, olive groves and manor farms.
Ceglie Messapica was probably founded by a Greek population called Pelasgi, but it flourished under the Messapians in contrast with the spartan Taranto. Today Ceglie is awarded as city of arts and gastronomy.
San Vito dei Normanni is part of the northern Salento and, according to the legend, was founded at the end of the year 1000 by a Slavic colony called “Schiavoni”. Worth a visit is the castle which was built at the end of the 12th century. During the 2nd World War the Italian King took refuge here on his way to Brindisi.

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